Meet Danielle

Meet Danielle

Danielle Livellara is the creator of “Why Do We Do What We Do with Our Money?” which is a workshop and money coaching program designed to help her clients create a financial plan that they feel good about.

Her expertise is in combining the nuts and bolts of sound money management with a deep understanding of the energetics of money.

She is a former Financial Advisor with Smith Barney (now Morgan Stanley Smith Barney) where she held Series 7, Series 66 and Insurance licenses.

After years of limiting herself due to a lack of money, Danielle decided to get serious about making money, and became a financial advisor at Smith Barney.    For 4 years she worked with clients of all backgrounds, and noticed an interesting pattern emerging.  No matter how much money they had, most of her clients struggled with their relationship to money.

Fascinated by this phenomenon, she poured herself into the study of the energy of money.  After she lost her Dad rather suddenly in 2009, she decided that life was short and that she was not following her heart.  She made the tough decision to leave Smith Barney, where she made a comfortable living, and follow her passion to help others heal their relationship to money.

The road was not easy, and again Danielle found herself limited by money (she had an overly optimistic view of what her cash flow would be like in the first year of business!).  It was time to dig deeper and combine all of her hard won money expertise to help save herself from financial hardship.

She has turned her journey into a system that shows her clients exactly how she got to a healthy relationship with money.

Now she is happily following her passion by sharing her money wisdom, and is creating financial peace and security within herself.

Danielle has graced the stage for the Women Business Owners Network, Senator Leahy’s Women’s Economic Opportunity Conference, Rotary Club, and internationally at the Ultimate Girl’s Getaway.

She has appeared in Vermont Woman magazine and been published internationally in the Gulf News of Dubai.

You may find her paddle boarding on Lake Champlain, singing with her favorite director, Robert DeCormier in the VSO chorus, or just relaxing and enjoying the (occasionally) beautiful Vermont weather.


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